Before registering for the standalone certification exam, answer this:

  • Are you an experienced PHP developer that has actively worked on a project using the Spryker Commerce OS for over 6 months?

  • Have you Completed the Spryker Bootcamp?

  • Do you feel Lucky?

If your answer is Yes to all three questions above, this is the place for you. 

We offer our experienced developers the option to put your knowledge and experience to the test and directly take the certification exam.

To do this, register here to get access to the Certification Exam preparation materials.  We will contact you to schedule a time and place for you to take the exam either in Berlin, Hamburg or if you have more than 5 people, we will come to you.

Scheduled exam sessions you can apply for:
April 15, 2PM - 4PM Berlin time
May 13, 2PM - 4PM Berlin time
June 10, 2PM - 4PM Berlin time


  • Tests occur on a regular basis in Berlin and last day of every month in Hamburg 
  • The preparation materials plus exam price is €250 excl. VAT per person. 
  • If you take the standalone exam and do not pass, you will be required to take the Developer Foundations Workshop before you can retake the Certification exam. 
This option is currently only available in Germany

What's inside

  • Spryker Developer Foundation Exam Preparation Prerequisites

  • List of Topics the Exam Covers

  • The instructions on how to proceed to the Spryker Developer Foundations Certification Exam