Course curriculum

  • 01

    What is Spryker?

    • Welcome to Spryker for Business Introduction course!

    • Module overview: What is Spryker?

    • Spryker e-commerce OS at a glance

    • Explaining Spryker architecture: Modularity

    • Explaining Spryker architecture: API-First, Headless commerce

    • Headless commerce. Demo

    • Understanding middleware

    • Quiz 1

  • 02

    Introduction to Spryker Services

    • Module overview: Introduction to Spryker Services

    • Technology Partnership

    • Solution Partnership

    • Customer Success Management

    • Documentation and Training

  • 03

    Meet Spryker Products

    • Module overview: Meet Spryker Products

    • B2C Demoshop overview

    • Case Study: Rose Bike

    • B2B Demoshop overview

    • Case Study: Metro

    • B2B Agent set up

    • Quiz 2

  • 04

    Learn more about Spryker

    • Module overview: Learn more about Spryker

    • Requesting a demo

    • Learning Developer Foundations

    • Learning Business Foundations

    • Final Survey

About the Course

Spryker for Business Introduction is the first course of the Spryker for Business learning path. It is completely free and the whole course may be taken online. This course provides the basic knowledge needed to proceed with the more advanced courses.