Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Welcome to Spryker for Business Foundations
    • Before we begin...
  • 02
    Unit 1: Lesson 1: Getting to know the Training Environments
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    • Getting to know the Training Environments: Yves
    • Getting to know the Training Environments: Back Office
  • 03
    Unit 1: Lesson 2: General Setup: Users, Groups, and Roles
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    • General Setup: Users, Groups, and Roles
  • 04
    Unit 1: Lesson 3: Creating a Marketing Campaign
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    • Introduction
    • Pre-requisites
    • Step 1: Set up Taxes
    • Step 2: Create a Category and Assign it to Navigation
    • Step 3: Set up Product Attributes
    • Step 4: Set up Abstract Products
    • Step 5: Set up Concrete Products
    • Step 6: Assign Products to Categories
    • Step 7: Set up Product Options
    • Step 8: Set up Product Relations
    • Step 9: Set up Product Bundles
    • Step 10: Set up Product Sets
    • Step 11: Set Up Discounts
    • Step 12: Set up Promotional Pages and Marketing Campaign
    • 13. Bonus: Filter Preferences and Category Filters
    • Draft: OMS and State Machine
  • 05
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    • Final Steps
    • Spryker for Business Foundations: Quiz

About the Course

Spryker for Business Foundation is the second course of the Spryker for Business training. This course provides theoretical and practical knowledge that can be used for performing your day-to-day online store business activities. This course is a background needed to proceed to the Spryker for Business B2B and more advanced courses.
About the Course