About the Course

The Spryker Content Management course is designed to deepen your knowledge and skills of managing Spryker Content Management System (CMS).

This course is the third part of the Spryker for Business Foundations B2C training.

The full cost of the Spryker Content Management course is €500.

Course details

  • Registration

    Register for the course by filling out the form. The next session available for registration is:

    August 17 - July 30

  • Access to Spryker B2C Demoshop

    On the start date of the course, you will get access to the Spryker B2C Demoshop, a safe environment for you to get used to Spryker, embrace its capabilities and perform hands-on tasks from the course.

  • Online support

    For the duration of the course, you will get online support from Spryker Academy Instructors who will promptly answer all your questions and assist with any issues you may face.

What's Inside

  • CMS functionality overview, including the latest January 2020 release

  • Video tutorials on how to create and manage the content of an online shop

  • Hands-on activities and quizzes

  • Marketing tips and tips from Spryker experts

  • Module worksheets with questions and instructions relevant to your business logic and products

  • Additional reading materials

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course

  • 02

    Module 1. Introduction

    • Module 1: Introduction

    • Lesson 1. Meet Alice, Bob and Jeremy

    • Lesson 2. Training Demo Shop: Get started

  • 03

    Module 2. Content Management System

    • Module overview

    • Lesson 1. Spryker CMS overview

    • Lesson 2. Content items

    • Lesson 3. СMS pages. Creating a page

    • Lesson 4. CMS pages. Navigation

    • Lesson 5. CMS Blocks

    • Lesson 6. Templates and slots

    • Module worksheet

  • 04

    Course Final

    • So, what's next...

    • Final Survey

    • Self Assessment

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