Exam details

Exam description:

This exam tests the understanding of the fundamental Spryker business concepts. It is created for the business users who have the hands-on experience working with Spryker.


Format: Online Proctored              Price: €250 excl. VAT per person 

Language: English                        Duration: 120 minutes        


Exam details:

The exam consists of 100 questions, Multiple choice (either one correct answer or several correct answers are possible) and True/False. You will need to get a score of 70% or higher to pass the exam. 

The topics covered in the exam are taught in the Spryker for Business Foundations B2C (bundle) and Spryker for Business Foundations B2B. You can take the exam within 6 months after the completion of both courses.

The exam is delivered online and proctored with the help of automated proctoring software. The technical requirements for taking an exam may be found here.

Please note that the exam content is based on the functionalities and specifics of the Spryker products, January 2020 release version. During the exam, it is allowed to log in to the training B2C, B2B demo shops to check your answers. You won't be required to perform any practical tasks within the exam. Using any other support materials is strictly prohibited.




What will you get if you pass the exam?

You will be awarded the Spryker Business Specialist (B2C+B2B) certificate valid for 1 year. 

That's why you should take a Spryker exam

  • Take an exam from home

    With the online proctoring solution, we are empowering you to take exams directly from your home and at the same time make sure to maintain the security and integrity of our exams.

  • Get a digital certificate

    After passing an exam, you will get a digital certificate and be recognized as an officially certified Spryker specialist.

  • Prove your knowledge and experience

    The Spryker certification program will allow you to explicitly prove your professional knowledge and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I get the results?

    After you answer all the exam questions and complete the assessment, you will immediately see your result on the screen.

  • What should I do if I failed at the exam?

    First, do not panic. If you have taken the exam for the first time and failed, you will be able to retake (the cost of a retake is €250). If you have failed during recertification, you will be required to take the courses again in order to be eligible for a retake.

  • Can I take the exam without completing these courses?

    No, it is required to take the online course before taking the exam for the first time.

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